I have been asked where do I get the knowledge I have and where do I come up with the thoughts I have.

I begin each day with devotions/quiet time with God. He is the source of my inspiration and drive. He creates in me a thirst for knowledge and a quest to change the world. Out of the love and acceptance that He has shown me, I love others. My heart is filled with a child-like ambition to have everyone come out and play with me. My greatest desire is others would know the true peace and happiness that I know.

I am a sponge. All that I absorb is filtered through my experiences, my beliefs, and my conversations with God. I enjoy reading how to books, autobiographies of great men and talking with random strangers. To me strangers are family members that I haven’t yet met and taken the time to hug on and hear their story.

I am fascinated to know why a person thinks the way they do and what has shaped their core values. I continually ask why. I find when someone asks for advise, they already know the answer they are looking for and are needing reassurance that what they feel to do is the right thing. And sometimes they need to be reminded that we all have the freedom of choice to do what we feel is right at the time. The idea to pose the questions I am asked to my facebook friends and see what their comments were was simple curiosity.

If you have a question, something weighing on your mind, email me, I will anonymously post the question and together we can see if what others think you should do is what you think.

All my love,

Sharon L. Nash