Who stops to think of the cost of sex before hooking up?

 Is this something your parents talked to you about? I have found the general population takes sex all too lightly, yet is eager to discuss the subject.

When I hear a parent state, “I got my 15 year old set up for birth control so when she is ready…”

“Ready for what I want to scream back! Are you willing to have her pay the cost of sex?”

A couple of basic facts before reviewing the COSTS: You and I were hard wired, while still in the womb, to be SEXUAL beings. As shocking as it may seem, SEX was God’s idea. An inventor, in this case God, holds the manual for the proper use of an invention. When God says not to do something it is not because He doesn’t want His creation to enjoy life, it is because He knows the cause and effect upon your future. Let’s see the effect we deal with today in regards to not reading the manual.

If you can answer YES after reading all 10 costs…

Then by all means go ahead and find as many partners as possible to have sex with. Don’t go onto a matchmaking site listing a false pretense. State your intentions. Know how far the other person is willing to go before the first date.

The 10 Costs Of Sex:

  1. Love Me More Than I Love You:  People have been known to do crazy things in the name of love or rather lust. They have quit jobs, moved across the country, lost sleep, taken up hobbies they don’t enjoy, listen to music they abhor, gag down food they don’t like, worn clothes they don’t typically wear, and are even interested in people they can’t stand. When you don’t love yourself enough to be 100% you, while in a relationship you will find you are day by day losing a part of who you are until one day you wake up and don’t know who is staring back at you in the mirror.
  2. Lost That Loving Feeling: When the music is playing and the lighting is low, things we would never do in the daylight are done. As the sun rises so does regret, disappointment, and sadness levels. Your feelings are road signs reminding you, you were made for greater things. What great thing were you made for?
  3. The Not-For-Forever Breakup: A survey conducted by eNation revealed 1/3 of all Americans have experienced a breakup. Uncoupling is a common devastating emotional experience. Whether you were living together , married, or just “sexing” (dating never seemed like the right word to me) the emotional trauma is similiar.
  4. BUT The Sex Was Great: There are eight forms of abuse before physical or sexual abuse happen. Every two minutes a woman is raped in the United States. 1.3 million women are assault each year by an intimate partner. With a swollen black eye I heard a woman declare, but the sex was great. Without the sex are you still in a great relationship?
  5. Sign Up For Grief, Here: Because of the hardwiring at birth, the inventor tells us the sexual union is meant to do four things: Bind you together spiritually where you actually have each other imprinted on your brains. Blind you from seeing the other person clearly so you can live more peacefully together. Provide long drawn out passionate orgasms – God’s gift to humanity. And create babies. When we toss aside the manual, we get caught in the cross fire. When the sex stops in a relationship there is often grief. The stages of grief are shock and disbelief, followed by review and painful relinquishment. In order to move through grief we need to come to a place of reorganization, integration and acceptance.
  6. Paying For Storage:  What do you do with the stuff you refuse to process and let go of? Unless you clean up and take care of the emotional baggage, the partner in the new relationship will pay the price for the former lover’s mistakes. Is it time to clean out the storage shed?
  7. Death Or Disease By Choice: There are more than 25 Sexually Transmitted Diseases that are “shared” from sexual activity. Approximately 19 million new infections occur annually in the United States, half are among people 15 to 24, the other half is among “informed” adults. It is estimated 7 million people die each year from STDs. How do you want to die?
  8. Opps, Is A Little Lame: National data shows there are three million unplanned pregnancies per year, over half are aborted. It always amazes me when women are shocked they are pregnant. It happens only one way.
  9. A Price Tag Of $60,480: Yes, that right. According to the US Senses the average payment of child support is $280 per month. Was the sex worth it?
  10. Your Final Destination: Is it going to be Heaven or Hell? Sure we may not want to think about death while in the passion of the moment. However,  speaking of heat… If you are Hell bent, I would recommend you do all the sinning you can do, as it is enjoyable — well, at least for a season. If sin wasn’t fun no one would be doing it. If you are heaven minded, there is no action that is going to award you a free ticket, nor will any action take your ticket away. The price was paid for your sin, it’s a free gift. Your choice is to accept or decline the gift. To accept you admit you are a sinner,  embrace the need for a Savior, turn 180 degree from your sin and follow Christ.

The 10 costs of sex are spelled out, with this information in mind, make an informed choice of what is best for you. Are you willing to pay the cost? Is your 15 year old willing to pay the cost?

Live the life you choose, any other would be a complete waste of time,

Sharon L. Nash