One of the biggest struggles I have as an entrepreneur is structuring my time to work.

My excuse is I lived the majority of my life as a homemaker, flying by the seat of my pants while taking care of everyone around me. That is who I am. When I am stressed I stop working and start cleaning and organizing. Once everything is back into order and everyone is taken care of I peacefully return to work. Excuses have to go if you are going to be successful.

To be an entrepreneur means I am stating to the world that I am someone who makes money through risk and initiative. Someone who takes full responsibility for the outcome of my business be it to perish or flourish. If I eat and pay my bills is a result of the efforts I put in today.

For me planning a week in advance down to the hour makes me feel paralyzed and causes panic. Acknowledging my weakness, I write down or review tomorrow’s work before I go to bed. My average day consists of 2 hours per day on marketing, 2 hours on new speaking events, and 2 hours on creative planning and design, and 2 hours once a week working on paperwork.

Without a set time, you may feel like you are not getting enough done. How much is enough for one day? There are times I have so much to do, I wonder how I will get it all finished and can feel quite overwhelmed.

Advise: What I write down, I accomplish. Give it a try, write down what you want to get done and keep the list in sight. The only thing you have to lose is one more thing off your list.

To the power of writing it down,

Sharon L. Nash