IF SHARON CAN HELP THE MEDIA WITH A STORY OR A NEW ANGLE, JUST ASK. She would be more than happy to create memories with your audience.

Sharon Halasz’s Press Kit is currently in development. Relevant topics:

Life. Love. Loot. Abuse. Domestic Violence. Living Within Your Means. Financial Freedom. Free To Spend. Network For Love.


Sharon is not someone who does something and then gloats about it. She has always felt in life, if you are not making a difference TODAY, you are not making a difference.


Sharon writes thoughts and tidbits on both her personal Facebook page Sharon L Halasz and the business page called Loving Life, Love, and Loot with Chris and Sharon.


Sex and Money: Have All The Sex and Money You Want

Sex and Money Book 2: Live The Life You Choose

Upcoming: Let The Conversation Begin – Free To Live: 52 Life Coaching Tips on Life, Love, and Loot.

Upcoming: Stop Dating and Get Married. You can make out with just about anybody with body parts, but not just anybody makes out to be a forever friend.