We Make a Life By What We Give

Use passion to inspire your greatness

Become a person of value

Keep on keeping on

Give more than you expect to receive

Encourage someone while it is still called today

Be authentic

Move with purpose

Create a better world by being you

WE WANT EVERYONE TO BUILD WEALTH, so we teach you how with
Free To Spend
A see, choose and spend method to building wealth; Even young children can apply it.

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WE WANT EVERYONE TO EXPERIENCE THE LOVE WE SHARE so we created hubs where Christian singles can learn about marriage, meet and marry at Network For Love
A Marriage Academy founded to increase the number of Christian marriages forming, along with the satisfaction and duration of those marriages.

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Whatever Your Hands Find to Do,

Do with All Your Might.

Helping People Comes From Having Our Own Needs Met

Once upon a time, I was struggling financially. God showed me the vision of Free To Spend. I taught it to everyone who asked. It helped people communicate about money so everyone in the family was on the same page. Free To Spend can be found all across America and in several foreign countries.

I stopped teaching Free To Spend when my first marriage ended. It wouldn’t be until I remarried seven years later, that my husband would lead me into bringing Free To Spend back life. As a married couple it was one of the first things we did – a Free To Spend training so we could both be on the same page financially and establish family goals.

A lot happens in seven years like where do I find a Godly husband? I found my attempts in “finding him” were increasing my discouragement and frustration. I wondered if I was asking for too much. God showed me instead of seeking for him, create a place where men and women, like him, could come together and learn how to do marriage God’s way. From that place knowledge would increase, friendships would form, and singles would get married.

Network For Love was created and he joined nine months later; my God-fearing, devoted, committed, faithful and loving husband who is passionate about leading, serving, and protecting me. A man who is in our marriage “till the wheels fall off” and we go home to see Jesus.

What about you? What are you passionate about?

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“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship. “
Benjamin Franklin
“Don’t offer the counterfeit love the world offers to others. Be filled up with God and His love will squeezes out all of the cracks and spill over to everyone you encounter.”
Sharon L Halasz, Author, CA

Meaning and Purpose For Your Life

Try surrendering to Jesus Christ and his ways. Pick up a Bible and begin reading the book of John to learn who Christ is. Read the book of Proverbs for increasing wisdom. Jesus Christ truly is the best Lord, Saviour and Restorer of life that I have ever known. We all need to be saved from ourselves. Jesus can take a mess and make something beautiful out of it.

Consider this, if GOD could change the murderers, adulterers, religious leaders, prostitutes, liars, cheaters and me… Changing YOU will be no problem. Give Him a try. Allow Him to prove to you how much He loves you.

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