When you pack up your life there are the things that mean a lot, things that are necessary, and things you scratch your head and wonder why didn’t I take the time to go through this stuff and get rid of it or organize it better.

And when someone else packs for you you may find yourself in my predicament — clothes to sleep in, sweater of some sort, and papers I need this morning are all nicely packed in the U-Haul far out of reach.Last night, I didn’t sleep well my body was exhausted and sore from all the activity of packing. There were no racing thoughts, just an overflowing thankfulness that I have been able to stay in this beautiful house for three years while it has been in foreclosure.

Feelings: I am over tired and a bit frustrated that I am not more organized. I believe the frustration is spurred on by the fear of the unknown. What is going to happen? Where will we live? Excitement and peace have a way of bringing everything into it’s proper place of you will know when you know.

Thoughts: I am very organized so just relax. You actually don’t need to control the universe. When you are moving give yourself some slack. Go with the flow and smile there is a new adventure waiting for you.

Don’t fight change,

Sharon L. Nash