In blazing a new trail, sometimes you are confident you are moving forward, other times you may experience the frustration of what feels like spinning your wheels, or the despair that lurks in when being knocked backwards. I just completed getting my second book’s ebook format submitted to the distributors –one step forward.

I question myself why didn’t I do that for the first book – spinning my wheels Should I go back and do it for the first book – going backwards

Once my analyzing mind played with the question wisdom ended the insanity with: Give yourself a break, every step is a step forward. It is the knowledge gained from having been up against a wall, going nowhere or retracing your steps which is needed to propel you forward.When you are moving forward remember the words of Steve Jobs: Stay Hungry: don’t be too easily satisfied or grow too comfortable. And Stay Foolish: Be okay thinking of yourself as a “fool” in an overly serious world.

When things in your path do not feel like they are going in the direction that you want them to, be okay with it. Take a nap, a break, go for a short walk or go sit in the hot tub. Then come back and start again.

Keep moving forward,

Sharon L. Nash