When your mind conceives a new idea for making money, is it good or bad?

Will it create a new future for you or will it sidetrack you?

When our brain is in a dream state it rehearses the events of past days and projects into the future possible scenarios. Sometimes you will remember your dreams other times not. If brought to memory moments after you awaken, you are being provided with the opportunity to research the idea and see if there are justifiable reasons for pursuing the vision.

The idea of creating a site called Verified by Sharon occurred, after having spent the past 10 days searching through Craigslist and apartment rental sites for housing. Thoughts: other people relocating could come to this site or find the insignia on craigslist knowing that this listing has been verified by me. I could feature services to landlords of taking pictures, creating a floor plan, properly listing features and neighborhood setting, as well as suggesting property improvements. To renters I would visit the places they are thinking of renting to verify the information and fill in missing pieces. I could also offer services for interior design, organization, and networking once they arrived.

Sound like a good idea or bad? Let’s see…

Pros: From my perspective, it is a needed service. My name and who I am backs me as a person who is trustworthy. I have the ability and the skills. It would be enjoyable and creative work. I would meet people.

Con: It conflicts with my goal to market my writing, speaking and financial concept.

Solution: Tell my son… I have a business idea for you.

Here’s to ideas,

Sharon L. Nash