A Matchmaking EventIs a CEO a CEO because no one else wanted the job?

OR is the position filled because the wrong candidate just happened to be standing in the right place at the right time? OR did the CEO start out in the mail room and after years of proving any task at any level could create a profit for the company, that the title was granted: You are the CEO.

It takes training, education, and preparation to advance from one station in life to another. And yet when it comes to marriage, single people often feel when the right one comes along it will just happen, they will just fall into it. And once in it whatever comes naturally to them will determine the outcome of their relationship. This twisted thinking is like asking a brick layer to extract your tooth, fill a cavity, or run the company. They may be able to some what, sort of, do the task – but you will suffer the consequences of your poor choice. Instead hire the right person for the job they are qualified to do.

Is a husband is a husband because no one else wanted the job. Or a wife a wife because she happened to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you do not prepare for a job and your partner has not prepared for the job would you expect your team to be hired? Absolutely not. You may be able to muddle through getting the job done but at whose expense.

Suppose we step into a perfect world…

If a husband started out with the mindset that no matter where he found himself in life he knew he was husband material and he would conduct himself accordingly. Everyone around him would witness him spending his days preparing for his future wife and family by learning the duties of his God appointed position. They would see him leading, providing for, and protecting all the women in his spear of influence, as deep within the outcome was clear, one day one woman will be his and the other women will be the future wives of his brothers. This man is marriage material.

Likewise if the wife started out with the mindset she was created by God to be her husband’s helpmate and until the time arrives when she rightfully belonged to him, she would learn how to be a proper helpmate. She would set herself apart to learn how to cook, keep a home, raise a family, learn to follow and practice her skills helping all mankind. Everyone would see this woman treats all men with respect, as deep within the outcome was clear, one day one man will be hers and the other men will be the future husbands of her sisters. This woman is marriage material.

So what does it take to be marriage material? To be marriage minded.

In Genesis God said IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE. How do you respond? Does the way you are living your life call God a liar? If not careful the Christian man’s single status can  arrogantly declare I don’t need a helpmate.

God created woman to be a man’s helpmate. God has not changed his mind. He has not given woman a different role. How do you respond? Do you rebel and curse God? If not careful the Christian woman’s single status can disrespectfully boost the only person I am willing to help is myself.

To restore what has been broken, calls for repentance.

Father, Forgive us for rejecting You by rejecting how You created us male and female. Forgive our excuses, which have buried our pain of poor choices leading to hurtful consequences which have hardened our hearts towards marriage. May You once again turn our hearts back to You. Give us a clear vision of what You had in mind when you created us husband and wife. I ask that you would strengthen our nation through raising up this generation of single Christians and uniting them in the bonds of holy matrimony. In your name may we all be found to be marriage material, Amen.