A Happy Heart

Allow Chris and Sharon to coach and train you to live the life you choose

Each one of our lives are unique. The path we are on and the troubles we face can be used to inspire and lift up others if we will be willing to be transparent and let others come close.

The quickest way to enriching your own life is to share it with others.

Yes, I am ready

Asking yourself different questions will provide you different options. Are you ready for your direction to change?

Yes, Ask away

The Perfect Life Coach

Authentic and Self-less: Watch the way they treat people who will never give them anything in return.

Honesty and Integrity: Listen to what others say about them.

Motivational and Physically Fit: How do you feel when around them.

Pulling out hairPeople from all walks of life have come to me for answers on life, love, and loot. It was sort of strange as a young person, but then I got used to random strangers telling me things they wouldn’t dare tell their families. While listening to them, I could hear their unspoken words and quickly knew the directed questions I they needed to hear to validate the longing in their hearts.

I am a mentor to anyone within a 3′ radius of me. I can’t help it, I see the best in people. I have a knack for helping them get to where they want to go. It doesn’t mean that I do things properly or correctly 100% of the time, in fact I can offend someone with my curiosity of “How is that working for you?” Disclosure: I am not perfect.
There are three stages in a person’s life:Cursing

Dreaming about a change.

Wishing for a change to occur.

Demanding a change will happen. If you are to the point of demanding… contact me.

Be prepared as I listen, I will ask thought provoking questions.

Be forewarned my take on life is different than most. We will talk about what got you to where you are today and where do you want to go.

Most clients have found it helpful in determining if I am the right fit for them by reading my book: Live The Life You Choose. Check your local library or Amazon. By reading it you will see firsthand what I have been through, how I address life and what I learned through the journey. I believe you go through things in life in order to build compassion and understanding towards others.

I have found when you are ready, the teacher will appear.

Life Coaching can be done with just Sharon, Chris and Sharon, or just Chris. Email Us the details of what you want to accomplish and I will do what I can to help you.

Yes, Today is a good day to begin! 

Train to be true to the heart and soul of who you are, for only then will you come face to face with the real you

Yes, Train me

Warriors are not born, they are trained

Yes, Train me to be a warrior

Ask Chris and Sharon

Our perspective is based upon our knowledge of God and how He has shaped our lives.

Start with the end in mind. List out all the steps to getting where you want to go and then take one step at a time.
It depends upon who you ask. If you ask God, He says in the Bible “There is a way that seems right to a man, in the end it will lead to death.”
Not having rules for your life is living your life by THAT rule. There is no such thing as a life without rules.
Show up at one of our events. Chris and I are involved with promoting Network For Love and Free To Spend. One helps Christian singles understand what makes a successful marriage, the other teaches a see, choose, and spend financial concept.
Send us an email, letting us know your groups goals and we will consider what we can do to help you achieve your goals.
The Creator of all things – including you. Read His love letter to you to find out more about Him – the Bible.
At Network For Love, a Marriage Academy teaching Christian singles how to have a God-centered “Till Death Do We Part” marriage. Students desire to get married and profess their commitment to do whatever it takes to make their marriage work.
To find the RIGHT one, go to a place where others are learning how to be the RIGHT one and study along side of them. You attract into your life the type of person you are. Become the type of person you want to marry and you will have a better chance of finding a partner for life.
Wealth is built from what is left over after all expenses have been paid. It is not in how much money you make. You Learn Free To Spend and watch your financial situation change.
What does it mean to be successful to you? Most people, regardless of their income will say once I double what I earn then I will be successful – until they get there and need to double that and then double that. Define successful and work backwards from that goal.
When I am tired, I do one more thing and then I go to bed.
Being organized will help you accomplish more in a reduced turn around time.
You trust the person completely with your thoughts, your body, your children, and your finances.
A true team player. Someone who is dedicated, committed and devoted to doing whatever it takes to make the marriage succeed.
Chris would answer “His awesome wife. I would resound with “My awesome husband.” Working together makes everything more enjoyable.
The deepening relationship to God. The love that flows from God through you is what you offer your partner.
No. Nice try. He will tempt us. We choose what we do.
$1.00 a Question – The Doctor is In
“Sharon is an absolutely fabulous life manager. She is proactive, energetic, financially knowledgeable and truly has a passion for improving the lives of her clients – not only will your business benefit, but your personal life as well.

She is a total “Game Changer” for anyone that works with her. Trust me – you would be lucky to have her. Don’t assume you will know what she is thinking because you won’t. Her angle on business, life and finances will challenge your current beliefs as she moves you towards greater productivity and a more simplified life. Her skill set covers accounting, word processing, composition, budget strategies, financial analyzing, key business and personal point of contact, delegating, and organization.

If there is an easier, more cost effective way to get something done Sharon will find it and implement it for you. I can’t even begin to say how much Sharon has transformed my life and business. I have no doubt she will do the same for you.”

Eric, Executive, CA
“Thank you for giving me hope that it is possible to tame this monster in my life!!”
Julie, MN
“Sharon throughly questioned every aspect of my business. Until she started with us I had no idea how many changes were needed. Her business sense far surpassed mine. She definitely tested me in her assertive personality in the business and the shop: she has done way above what we had in mind. Extremely capable. Simultaneously would be cleaning, updating, and improving everything her hands touched. Gifted. Increased our bottom line. Sharon has the natural ability to take charge and oversee the accomplishment of goals.”
Steve, Business Owner, MT
“Your endeavors are successful, because you focus your efforts on helping others. Thank you.”
Rhonda, Director in Leadership Training