Our world is in a constant state of change, how we gain knowledge is no longer bound to books but rapidly fluctuates between Google and YouTube. When I need to learn how to do something I don’t calculate whether seeing it done or reading step-by-step instructions will produce faster results. I “YouTube” it.

YouTube Analytics showed that 10% of online marketing to websites is being funneled through YouTube Videos. So let’s look at what may be stopping you from increasing your profit margin by 10%.

1. FEAR OF LOOKING STUPID: If you are like me, maybe you are too critical of yourself. I look at the two YouTube Videos I did in the past and can point out every flaw. UGH. I say this to myself as well as to you, “Get over yourself.” Do you have something that could help my life. Please show me. Below is my first video. It was a Christmas gift for an unsuspecting client. 

2. DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT: Most of us have some form of recording devise on our computers,   mobile phones or on an actual camera. There are lots of variances in what is the best equipment for you and what will it cost? Research it. However the question lingering in my mind is — are you using the “I don’t have the right equipment” as an excuse?

3. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY: I am a stranger. I walk up and meet you. What do you say? Most of the time you would introduce yourself. Start the conversation by telling me who you are and what you enjoy. Then, share with me something you know that may benefit my life. Keep it short, as my attention span is seldom longer than 3 minutes. In my second YouTube Video I am reading a list. I don’t like how my eyes shift down when reading the 38 Red Flags. The background setting, the lighting and even the sound passes my inspection. 

 4. DON’T KNOW HOW: Think of the process of gaining knowledge this way, IF a grade schooler can learn — so can you. There are 50,400 hours of YouTube videos uploaded every day eagerly wanting to show you how to_________ (Fill in the blank).

We have what we have because that is all we are willing to do. Want a 10% gain in your business? Give yourself a raise by developing your YouTube presence.

I will see you there,

Sharon L. Nash