My blog is about living out loud my feelings, emotions, and thoughts on my day to day life as I experience success and setbacks while becoming a world changer. I am an entrepreneur with a dream to make the world a better place.

Welcome to the up close and personal life of Sharon L. Nash. In sharing my life with you, I hope you will know there is someone willing to walk beside you when things freak you out. Will I succeed or fail? The days ahead will reveal that answer. I know who I am to be, becoming that person is a daily war I am willing to fight (well at least for today.)

A bit about me: I find myself living one day and sometimes one moment at a time. My life is in transition. In six days I move from the house that has been my home in Montana for the past three years to San Diego. My two adult children, Karest 23 and Cody 19 are coming with me. I am unsure where we will live and how we will support ourselves. We plan to be roommates for the first 6 months or so (one more uncertainty.) There will be a farewell Friday gathering. The U-Hual will be packed on Sunday. Then, Monday after seeing my grand-baby via ultrasound who is 16 weeks along. We kiss and hug the middle child, Kayla 21, and baby bump good-bye.

My feelings: Packing and cleaning feels like I am going on a vacation. Though the cupboards are empty, there is a peace that passes all understanding. I enjoy my beautiful home. I like things beautiful and clean and put in order.

The thought crosses my mind which I wage war with; maybe I am in denial of the fear of the unknown — or maybe there is nothing to be afraid. I can list many things that I could worry about yet because none of them have come to be therefore I choose to not allow them to ruin my day.

Question: What do you do in the midst of transition?

My Answer: Keep moving forward. Today, I created my facebook fan page. Please like my page and ask others to as well. Also, I entered the world of blogging.

I look forward to living my life out loud with you,

Sharon L. Nash