What do you do when your house is in foreclosure? It is unnerving at times if you have not been this road before. My home has been in the foreclosure process for three years with Bank of America.

When the first trustee sale date arrived three years ago no one showed up to auction the house off.  Prior to that date, I had contacted the local news station to do a story on me encouraging people to not destroy their homes when losing them. I wanted people to keep in mind someone will love your house as much as you have. The day of the auction, the news reporter called to tell me the auctioneer never showed up.

It felt like I was lead to the executioner block and the executioner forgot to call in to say he wasn’t coming into work.

For the entire second year my account was held in the review process for the Making Homes Affordable Program. During this time I made “trial” house payments for eleven months before receiving the written notice stating I do not qualify for this program.

The 2nd trustee sale date is in four days. For the past month my realtor has been faxing about 32 pages of information to REDC, a third party company “helping” Bank of America close short sales. Yesterday speaking with them, they said my account is not open because they haven’t received all the proper paperwork. Really? Because we are constantly calling, our next action step is REDC is going to send BOA a Cooperative Short Sale Form, when BOA signs it, it will take 7 to 10 days to mail the paperwork to me to fill out and fax back, then they will make a decision.

There are three things I remind myself and others of:

1. You came out of the box with nothing, when you die you will go back into the box with nothing.

2. Enjoy and be thankful for the free rent while you work towards rebuilding your financial situation and deciding where you want to move to.

3. “Do not worry about tomorrow… for each day has enough trouble of it’s own.” Matthew 6:34 

Nothing is ever done until it is done. We often worry about things that will never happen. Live each moment in the present, not allowing your financial situation to rob you of the joy of this moment. I could have worried myself sick for three years, instead I have enjoyed my beautiful home. When the time is right things happen. I didn’t know till three months ago where I would move: I am moving to San Diego to aggressively pursue marketing my writing and professional speaking career to three million people while enjoying 65 to 75 degree sunny weather.

Live in the moment,

Sharon L. Nash