Is the phrased “Stressed to the max” ever fit you?

It clearly defined myself, Karest, and Cody yesterday, and then when you think things could not possibly get any worse you are sucker punched.

Place and after place was a no go. We had set out early to search for possible locations to live, knowing that we first needed to figure out where we were going to live so that we could find jobs relatively close to our home. One place was beautiful and fit us personally, yet the price caused an uneasiness in my gut.

Thoughts: We had not made any headway.

Feelings: We all wanted to cry. The pressure in my heart was squeezing tight. 

A good nights sleep was had. Sleep helps to put things into perspective. We have one day at a time to live, there are no guarantees of tomorrow. Can I shake the stress by tomorrow?

It just didn’t feel right. The next day while Karest headed to a job interview, Cody slept, and I searched for more places. Karest returned informing us it just didn’t feel right.  She questioned how can something not feel right when it was all falling into place.

Advise: You will know when it is the right job, just as we will know when we get there if it is the right place to live. You will also know if and when you are suppose to do something different with your life or your business.

A sucker punch saying, “Welcome Home.” As we got into Karest’s car, I glanced over at my car and realize one of Cody’s bikes have been stolen. The lock is gone. NO FLIPPING WAY — UGH!!! We all wanted to scream, cry, and run home. This is more than we can bear or so we felt at the moment. It was little consolation that I recalled the second week of living in “safe” Kalispell, MT both Cody’s and my bikes were stolen from the front yard! What a welcome.

And yet more STRESS. We found a place. We all felt a great sense of peace overcome us as we toured the complex. We knew this is home. As we filled out the applications, we were relieved we found the place. Though we had cash on hand for several months rent, we didn’t have verifiable income of $4000, and they could not process the paper work. Stress 1: Get jobs and letter of wage verification before Saturday or Stress 2 occurs: The u-haul is due back in two days, find storage unit and unload it, knowing that we will have to load it again and unload it.

Be stress free,

Sharon L. Nash