Halasz’s Family Mission Statement

Love • Joy • Peace • Long-suffering • Kindness • Goodness • Faithfulness • Gentleness • Self-control

The reason our family exists is to bring glory and honor to God.
We will individually and together search for God’s will over our own.
We will open our hearts and lives to be a conduit of His love.
We will act in ways that exemplifies and demonstrates God’s love.
As a family we will bind ourselves to each other, finding strength and safety through the love and respect we show each member of our family.
Our duty is not to get caught up in the whims and fluctuations of the world, but to seek God’s truth, which is unchanging.
We strive each day to serve others with honor, love, integrity, courage and strength thru the warrior’s heart God has placed within us.

Our highest calls is to know God and to be known by Him, then to help other’s do the same.

The Warrior – Chris

Courage is the defining principe of honor.

The highest calling a man has is to protect his family. To protect them means to…
Lay down your own life and agenda for them
Serve them
Provide for them
Lead them
and Passionately Love them

Are you ready to step up and be the warrior you were created to be?

Yes, I Am Ready to be a warrior

Life, Love and Loot

Kindness and courage will take you farther than you could image.

Personal Angel –

Be the Love You Want to See in the World

The highest calling a woman has is to help her husband. To help him means to…

Lay down your own life and agenda for him
Accept his service
Honor his protection
Respect his leadership
and Passionately Love him

Are you ready to step up and be the personal angel you were created to be?

Yes, I Am Ready to be a personal angel

Acts of Greatness and Inventions are
By-Products of Personal Pain and Need That Have Been Embraced.

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“I am in awe of the incredible work that you have done. With a wonderful dream, and a powerful desire to make the world a better place, you have embarked on a very important mission. You inspire me to be my best self.”
Amy • Singer/Actress NC
“If your reading this, then you already know that Sharon is a very forward person. And let me be clear, this is her greatest attribute. She is an intelligent, dedicated, hard worker, with an advanced skill sets. She is a quick learner and masters anything she puts her mind to. She’s neat & tidy and has extraordinary organizational skills. Dependable and always on time with a smile on her face and a skip in her stride. She is ferociously loyal IF you are honest in your business and will likely be your greatest asset. During Sharon’s time with us, we experienced steady forward growth throughout the current economic recession as our competition slowly collapsed around us. It is through her hard work that we are in better financial health now than during the boom. For whatever you’re considering, you can be assured that Sharon is a good investment.”
Eric • Business Owner, MT
“I was blessed by your presentation – practical advice in the areas of relationship… the stages of intimacy via touch… and the exhortation for single Christians to network with and for each other.”
Dwight, Self-Employed, CA
“Your ideas are fresh and informative. Your articulate, enjoyable and practical presentation on getting peace and order in our finance was much needed. I appreciated your boldness, sensitivity and congeniality. Well done!”
Pastor Jarry, MN