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Below is a snippet of what others have said about Sharon Halasz’s interaction with them.

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Dwight, Self-Employed, CA

I was blessed by your presentation – practical advice in the areas of relationship… the stages of intimacy via touch… and the exhortation for single Christians to network with and for each other.

Eric, Executive, CA

Sharon is an absolutely fabulous life manager. She is proactive, energetic, financially knowledgeable and truly has a passion for improving the lives of her clients – not only will your business benefit, but your personal life as well.

She is a total “Game Changer” for anyone that works with her. Trust me – you would be lucky to have her. Don’t assume you will know what she is thinking because you won’t. Her angle on business, life and finances will challenge your current beliefs as she moves you towards greater productivity and a more simplified life. Her skill set covers accounting, word processing, composition, budget strategies, financial analyzing, key business and personal point of contact, delegating, and organization.

If there is an easier, more cost effective way to get something done Sharon will find it and implement it for you. I can’t even begin to say how much Sharon has transformed my life and business. I have no doubt she will do the same for you.

Eric, Business Owner, MT

If your reading this, then you already know that Sharon is a very forward person. And let me be clear, this is her greatest attribute. She is an intelligent, dedicated, hard worker, with an advanced skill sets. She is a quick learner and masters anything she puts her mind to. She’s neat & tidy and has extraordinary organizational skills. Dependable and always on time with a smile on her face and a skip in her stride. She is ferociously loyal IF you are honest in your business and will likely be your greatest asset. During Sharon’s time with us, we experienced steady forward growth throughout the current economic recession as our competition slowly collapsed around us. It is through her hard work that we are in better financial health now than during the boom. For whatever you’re considering, you can be assured that Sharon is a good investment.

Steve, Business Owner, MT

Sharon throughly questioned every aspect of my business. Until she started with us I had no idea how many changes were needed. Her business sense far surpassed mine. She definitely tested me in her assertive personality in the business and the shop: she has done way above what we had in mind. Extremely capable. Simultaneously would be cleaning, updating, and improving everything her hands touched. Gifted. Increased our bottom line. Sharon has the natural ability to take charge and oversee the accomplishment of goals.

Maggie, Retired, 99, MT 

I had spent my whole life as the proverbial ‘“cat chasing its tail”’ until I learned Free To Spend at 85.  Sharon Nash’s Free To Spend helps me keep things straight.  It lets me know where I stand at all times, and I can easily see what is paid and what is not.  I live around those under the Social Security crunch, where constantly I hear, “We don’t have enough money and what we do receive is shrinking all the time.” Because of this concept, I don’t have to join in their pity party anymore.

Gina, Senior Systems Analyst, MN

Before learning the Free To Spend concept I was LOST! I had no idea where our money was going and no goals. We were simply just trying to survive. We lived paycheck to paycheck. My husband and I would argue about who was spending all the money. We had no clue as to who spent more. We had no savings. Our budget book was only a record keeper of how much we spent. Worthless, you could say.  We were not in control; our money was.

After applying the Free To Spend concept, we knew how much was spent and on what.  It eliminated the guessing.  We now are in control of our money and have a lot more choices to decide on. We have SAVINGS!  As well as having the vehicle insurance before it is even due. This system is also a great record keeper — you can look back and see where many things were without having to dig out previous statements. It makes tax time so much easier! But most of all, we now have the peace of mind which comes from knowing we are good stewards with what God has provided for us. We went through a time where I was unemployed for a year and a half; our income went from $80,000 to $20,000. Because of Sharon Nash’s Free To Spend that time in our lives was NO BIG DEAL!

Mary, Reverend, MN

I have found this system most helpful! This should be part of pre-marriage counseling!  Finally a clear and simple method of handling your money!

Chad & Sarah, MN

Just do it!

Melanie, Housewife, MN 

We know where are money is going and where overspending was occurring.  The Free To Spend concept gives us a doable plan.  Churches need this for their young, married, pre-marital singles… actually for everyone.

David & Deborah, IL

We were near bankrupt status, but we refused to go that way! We cried out to God for a modern-day miracle. The miracle was your concept. Once we applied it, blessings after blessing began to come our way. We received numerous gifts of food, clothing, gifts, large sums of cash and even a house that we knew we would never have been able to afford! Our debt load is vanishing and we now joyfully live on our earnings. To God be the glory.

Cynthia, WY

I am still jumping up and down with excitement about all of the wonderful things the Free to Spend method has meant to my husband and me.

Julie, MN 

Thank you for giving me hope that it is possible to tame this monster in my life!!

Cathy, School Board Chairman, MT

Our generation and that of our children have learned the dangerous art of instant gratification without the tools of financial responsibility. The earlier we can intervene by teaching practical financial skills, such as the FREE TO SPEND MISSION, the more successful we all will be. This skill MUST be taught and the sooner the better. Our country’s financial stability depends upon it!

Nancy, Event Coordinator, MT

Thank you for another great event.  Everyone really liked your seminar.

Eric, Financial Consultant, MT

As a financial consultant I can see you’re clearly on track with helping people understand how values should direct their spending and their lives.

Bryan & Rachel, Carpenter & Stay-at-home Mom, MT

The concept of actually starting a spending plan seemed so confusing to me and very unlikely. Numbers make me nervous and irritated but I am over all that now. Your system “showed” me how easy it can be. Although my husband knew how to work with numbers, to be a team, I needed to learn as well. Thank you.

Moms’ Group, MT

Thank you for sharing such important information. We look forward to hearing from you again. You’re always welcome.

Scott, MN

We are using your system. My wife was always reluctant to work on the finances with me, but because of the way you explained it she is willing to give it a try. We look forward to doing more than just getting by from now on. Thank you again.

Jennifer, “Carpenter’s Assistant”, FL

God touched my heart through you.

Violet, Retired, MT

As I have opportunity I intend to talk to others about this wonderful system. Thanks again.

Dan & Cindy, OR

This system is the help we needed.

Pastor Jarry, MN

Your ideas are fresh and informative. We are grateful for the doors of opportunity He is opening for you.  Your articulate, enjoyable and practical presentation on getting peace and order in our finance was much needed.  I appreciated your boldness, sensitivity and congeniality. Well done!

Paul, Assembly of God District Superintendent, MT

I believe you are doing a great service to people and to the Lord in helping people take control of their finances.  Thank you for this valuable ministry.

Daniel, AZ

I look forward to using your system. You were right — my wife DOES like it!

Young Married Couples, Summit A/G Home Improvement Class

We appreciated and enjoyed your presentation of finances and God’s view on them.  Some have already gotten started and others are anxious to start after their next paycheck.  Thanks for the tools and direction to do what we feel is right.

Tom, Financial Counseling, WI

I have tested your system among a few clients and “I love it!” The system is simple, straight-forward and is a client eye-opener!

Jim, Creative Services Manager, GA

You are to be commended for sharing what you have learned with others.

Caroline, Editor-in-Chief, IL

You have some very interesting ideas which are working.

Dawn, MN

I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am by you helping me with this system.  Even though it has been one day — so far, so good. I’ll keep you posted.

Women’s Retreat, WI

God used you to bless us in the area of accountability with our finances!

Rhonda, Director in Leadership Training

Your endeavors will be successful, because you focus your efforts on helping others.

Mary Kay, Chairman Emeritus, TX

I read with interest your ideas. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors.

Tom, Senior Vice President, TX

Mary Kay has shared with me regarding the exciting new concept you are preparing.  I agree with you wholeheartedly that finance management is indeed an important topic. I wish you all the best as you set out to help others.

Jean, MN

All my life I have had a problem with money. My oldest sister does too. We spend what we make and are always behind. My own will power and selfishness are something I’m trying to deal will. This concept gives me hope for a different tomorrow.

Amy, Singer/Actress, NC 

I am in awe of the incredible work that you have done. With a wonderful dream, and a powerful desire to make the world a better place, you have embarked on a very important mission. You inspire me to be my best self.


STRAIGHT TALK FROM STUDENTS ages 7 to 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

• Free To Spend got me thinking about my future and where I am going to need money. Right now I am spending my parents’ money on meaningless stuff, like food and other little things. You gave me an idea on where my money is really going and how it could be going to more valuable things.

• Ms. Nash is down to earth and extremely generous. Her information on financing was presented in a fun and interesting way. I think everyone should listen to her financial suggestions.

• I learned a logical way to manage my income. Ms. Nash had a lot of great financial advice about setting goals and knowing how much you really need. Her presentation was very informative.

• I think it is a nice program. I understand it all. It’s just that it seems it is too late to start, with only two years left of high school.

• If my parents AND I knew where my money was going they would trust me more. My parents would probably benefit from learning this, too!

• She showed ways to set aside money for savings and other things. The fact the presentation was hands-on with us, counting the money and actually seeing it, helped drive home the points.

• Ms. Nash’s class was the most interactive presentation we’ve had!

• Many people like myself like to ignore obligations for the future. You made it clear our future blooms with each passing tick on the clock. Thanks for teaching us how to embrace a better way of seeing things.

• I wish everyone were responsible, meaning my parents.

• Interesting and interactive. Your idea of making a decisive budget plan is a great idea; most importantly your principles of the more you give, the more you receive is especially needed at a high school level.

• Ms. Nash taught me if you have a good attitude that you will succeed.

• I learned a lot about wasting money.

• Very informative. A great concept. I will attempt to teach my mother as she needs it. I think that very young kids should also learn to respect money.

• Overall, good presentation. It helped me learn a lot because her system kept us involved.

• Teaching responsibility before a drastic increase in pocket money is right where a kid is.

• I definitely understand how organizing my income would be incredibly beneficial.

• I liked how we could change the units after she told us her idea on where the money should go.

• The class was very helpful and enjoyable. You kept us going with the whole process. It made it easier to understand how to manage your money when you can see it.

• I learned a lot about saving for the future, which begins today.

• Helped quite a bit.

• The exercise made me think about how I throw away my money instead of using it for my future.

• Her presentation was interesting and different from most.

• Very entertaining. It kept our attention and was fun

• The game we played helped us understand where the money goes and how to save properly.

• Thank you for teaching me how to balance a checkbook. I had no idea where to start.

• Very informing and well organized.

• Your presentation taught me a lot about balancing my money over life.

• You made me think.

• Easy to understand.

• Very good class. I enjoyed it.

• OK, but I’ll still spend my money how I want to.

• Made me think more about what I do with my paychecks and other income I receive. Keep it up!  You’re changing the world, one person at a time.

• Educational

• Very good concept.

• This concept would be appropriate for all ages.

• I agree with your ideas.

• Very inspiring.

• I don’t think my parents would go for it, me being responsible.

• Appropriate for ages seven and up; that is when money is being developed in a kid’s life.

• I liked it. Very well presented.

• This would be good for the youngsters so when they get a job and a lot of money for their first time the kids will know what to spend it on and what part not to spend.

• Pretty logical.

• I don’t like the idea, because you can succeed without planning.

• An innovative idea that may really work. I’ll sure do it. Thanks.

• Good idea, but for me it would not fit my life. I don’t like to be accountable.

• Great to see people embracing this concept at an early age.  It gives us a chance to plan.

• I think it should also be taught to 8th and 9th graders.

  • Taught me that everyone should use money more wisely.
  • Cut down on wants and think more about needs.

• Good idea on how to work and save my money.  My future begins today.

• Awesome.

• Very educational. I learned a lot and appreciate being taught this.

• I think everyone should use your money system.

• It makes us teenagers more aware of how to make good use of our money.

• This could really help my life with money. Great idea.

• I would not change a thing. It will really help people manage their money starting with us teenagers.

• I liked the ideas. Thank you.

• You gave me a new perspective on how to manage my money. I liked it.
• This should get out to more people; teach more and print ads in magazines so more people know about it.

• Even I understood everything you were talking about. Thanks.

• I can see it will help people of all ages manage their money.

• You put new thoughts in my head. My mom is going to your website.

• You gave me a purpose for spending and saving.

• Great job on explaining money issues so we could understand.

• It was good.

• It really made me think. 7th grade is the perfect age to teach this.

• I think it is good to speak to people before they start out on their own and go the wrong way.  It should be shown to people at an early age.

• Very informative and persuasive.  Many benefits.

• You are a powerful speaker. The concept you’ve developed is very important.

• I liked the activity. It was a whole lot better than our normal math class. This will actually help us in life today. It is very useful.

• Well worth our time. Works great with our goals. I’m going to begin today. I believe the perfect age is anytime before 18.

• Well organized and easy to understand.

• To understand is half the battle. I understand Free To Spend.

• Money is very important; I don’t know how much I have just blown. Kids should be taught this at a young age. Excellent presentation.

• I learned things about money that hadn’t occurred to me.

• A very interesting way to learn about money in everyday life.

• It would be good from age 7 and up to know this stuff.

• Her class was a fun way to learn how to manage our money.

• Real to life. I just can’t afford to give money away right now; I need it all for me.  The rest makes sense to me. Saving money and creating a spending plan is a must for survival.

• Very entertaining with a nice flow. Lots of good information. Made me think harder on a lot of issues I tend to ignore. I don’t think you have to give much to be successful.

• Your ideas are awesome. Don’t change anything.

• People are so money hungry that the idea of a spending plan flies over their head. I have so much money that comes in and out of my hands.  I couldn’t set limitations because that is up to my parents and my boyfriend! How do you keep a spending plan, anyway?

• I like your points of view — they make sense. I am going to start managing my money today because of what you taught me.  It’s easy. I can’t believe I never saw it before.

• I feel this could be very useful especially since I am graduating in a couple of months. I am going to set this spending plan in motion, so I can live a life of luxury.

• I enjoyed learning. Very exciting to be in control of your money.

• It is my belief that life is based around money. You can’t do anything in life without it. I’ve been through the roughest times because ever since 15, I’ve had to pay for everything myself. Parents don’t spend any money on most teenagers, certainly not ME!

• I believe your ideas work. It would have been great to have you teach for more than an hour.

• You did a good job of keeping our attention.

• You broadened my horizons.  I have a better view of how I should spend my money.  I’ve thought of ways to save BUT NEVER LIKE THIS. Thank you.

  • If people go in debt and end up going to jail, then they had to learn the hard way.  It’s the parent’s fault, not mine.
  • I wish you luck taking on the world, with all its corruption and disgust, with decency.

• You made me think of where my money was going. Wow. Kids who are starting out with jobs around the ages of 15 & 16 really need to know this information.

• The one thing I had a hard time with was trying to decide how much I wanted to spend in each category.  I had never thought of having control before.

• It was easy to understand. Although it is a good idea and was presented very well it is too late for me. I am a single mother. I have other things my money has to go to. I have no future.

• Make your presentations more often, at least once a year. You gave me something to think about for my future. I wish my parents had used this so they could have taught me when I was younger.

• I think it is good what you are doing for other people, so they do not have to find out the hard way what all money can do to you. The majority of people do not think about saving for later use. They just think of the moment and what they want right now. It would be best if you started in Junior High, so they do not have to grow up wasting their parent’s money.

• You explained a concept that made sense to me. I don’t understand a lot, but I get this. Thanks.