Sharon is the person found talking to random strangers as if they are her family. She is the woman leaving unexpected goodness in unsuspecting places, simply because she can. She will challenge your thinking and your motives with her curiosity and questions.


To support her habit of philanthropy work, she works a day job as a Personal Angel (an executive personal assistant). Her skill sets involves honesty and integrity, confidential and classified information, being a sounding board and partner for solving life’s problems. She is an unselfish and faithful companion.

The years of accumulated experiences have developed into the following Speaking Bio…

Sharon L. Halasz is an expert in personal and financial relationships equipping women, young marrieds, families, college students and teens with the tools needed to make healthy personal choices, which leads to wise financial spending and healthy marriages.

Sharon’s journey over the past twenty-five years to help Americans gain their financial freedom uncovered the MISSING LINK: IF people could see their life differently THEY would choose differently. Not only do people dislike restrictive budgets with a passion but their relationship issues affect their economic aptitude. It is not rocket science, nor are people stupid. They simply cannot see what they do not know exists until someone comes along and shows them the way.

Bringing her unique perspective to life, love, and loot Sharon has been able to successfully bridge the gap between Point A: where you are right now to Point B: where you want to be.

As a trusted mentor and life coach, Sharon writes and speaks to inspire those outside her 3 foot radius. Her goal is to help others develop a solid foundation from which dreams can begin to flourish. Sharon knows armed with knowledge and the ability to see your life and finances differently, the transformation will be undeniable, and your future brighter.

Sharon is Founder and CEO of Free To Spend and Network For Love. She is a Loving Wife, Author, Public Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach, Philanthropist, and your next best Friend.

Sharon is married to Christopher Charles Halasz. They live in San Diego. They have three adult children, one son-in-law, and three absolutely adorable grand babies.

Survival and Poverty provided Sharon with the strength to overcome all obstacles. Abuse and Freedom developed within her a voice which will never stop speaking out against injustice. A strong commitment to sexual purity coupled with a belief  that marriage was created to model Christ and His Church and Sharon wants this inspired her to create Network For Love. 

On July 11th,  Sharon turned a theory of hers into reality by marrying a man she had never dated and their first kiss was at the alter. They went from a handshake (commitment of their word) engagement to 10 weeks later husband and wife. Sharon had created a fertile field of dreams Meetup group called Network For Love. The group was formed on the belief that since she desired to get married and to do marriage right that if she created a place where others who wanted the same thing could come together learn and share life, marriages would happen.

Christopher began attending in October. He was faithful, committed, dedicated, and motivated to learn how to do marriage right. Over the 7 months he attended never once did Sharon or him see themselves together. Their love and respect for each other deepened with each passing activity. Sharon would tell the group, “I want my husband to love me like Chris does. He gets it. Follow his example.” And Chris would say, “Sharon, Find me someone like you.” On Mother’s Day weekend Sharon asked Chris to pray about the direction he felt God taking them. As he prayed, he recalls the blinders coming off and realizing he had been in love with Sharon since the first day he met her. Sharon was the one he had been looking for since he was in 1st grade. Many years ago, while earning his Masters, he had written a list of the character qualities of his idea wife – he described Sharon to a T. Sharon in her book Live The Live You Choose listed the qualities she was looking for in a husband – she described Christopher.

As they merge their lives together, they look forward to making a greater impact.

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