Sharon’s goal in writing is to deepen relationships by inspiring heartfelt communication. Chris adds depth and strength to her words. Giving readers a fresh perspective, something to think about, consider, ponder, and talk about at the water cooler.

If you work with women struggling to find themselves or who have been in cheating and abusive relationships, read with them Sharon’s autobiography Live the Life You Choose and then discuss it. The book makes a great book club read. The story of Sharon’s life will encourage, strengthen, and inspire you to talk about the things you have been avoiding. Be all that you were created to be.


FREE TO SPEND… After years of teaching Free To Spend, Sharon discovered THE MISSING LINK – not only do people HATE budgets, their relationship issues directly affect their economic aptitude. Together, Chris and Sharon continue the work Sharon began.

NETWORK FOR LOVE… Chris and Sharon’s love story is the foundation of Network For Love. Two singles desiring to do marriage God’s way, meet each other, learn together, fall in love and saving their “dating” till after the marriage and their “first kiss” for the alter. Their lives, turned the theory of the group into a reality – Come, listen, learn, and leave married.

Chris and Sharon’s combined financial and relationship expertise is commingled with their life’s adventures to bring your audience an unforgettable life-changing message.

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Chris and Sharon embraces the opportunity to laser-focus topics to meet your group’s goals and individual needs.


The mystery and intrigue of how life and money are inter-related, overlooked, ignored, and yet still affect every area of our life.
• What is healthy & unhealthy • Laugh at yourself • Weigh your options.
Take aways: A new effective outlook, do-able options, something to contribute to others.


If what you were doing would get you the results you wanted you wouldn’t be dating.
• What is in a kiss • Why dating doesn’t work • Enroll in marriage academy
Take aways: One step closer to getting married. Confidence. Courage. Encouragement.

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We do what we do because we have always done it that way.
• Find your desire
• Locate your resources
• Give yourself permission
• Take away: Action

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Crazy money methods and why we do what we do
• Leave the past behind
• Learn Free To Spend
• Take aways: Free To Spend, immediate benefits and freedom.

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How did we get to where we are?
• Healthy spending and boundaries
• Traps to avoid
• Moving forward, staying strong
• Join the Movement
• Take aways: Free To Spend, the right to choose, seeing your options and an escape plan

Can this help your group?

Live The Life You Choose

Never Forgot Who You Are

Sharon states telling her story to the nation is like standing in front of an audience naked, waiting to be judged. Thus her author photo (on the back of the book) is patterned after the “Do it Naked” image.

She will take your breath away, put a grin on your face, and leave you nodding your head in agreement: Life is, indeed, what you make it!

This is one story sure to touch your life in a powerful way. Financial frustrations. Sexual issues. Discovering yourself and your unique attributes. Falling in love. Living in the moment. It is raw, riveting, and totally unexpected. Read it today and discover how you can have all the sex and money you want. You wont be disappointed.

Live the Life You Choose by Sharon L. Nash Cost: $17.95  ISBN-13: 9780974701158

ORDER Live The Life You Choose

Live the Life You Choose is a 40% revision of  Sharon’s first book. Sex & Money: Have All The Sex And Money You Want. It incorporates an additional year of learning, growth, and practical application. Sharon suggests you READ THE SECOND BOOK.

Read the book if you answer YES to any of these questions…

  • Do you have a friend in a relationship you feel they shouldn’t be in?
  • Do money issues make you angry?
  • Is your partner exhibiting aggressive or unloving behaviors?
  • Without sex, are you still in a great relationship?
  • What is healthy vs. unhealthy love?
  • Are you being honest with yourself?

Do yourself and your friend a favor, purchase two copies and discuss it!

Upcoming Books:
Let The Conversation Begin – Free To Live: 52 Life Coaching Tips on Life, Love, and Loot.

Stop Dating and Get Married: You can date just about anybody with body parts, but not just anybody makes out to be a forever friend who you would enjoy being married to till death do you part.

“Discover how one courageous woman stepping out of a 23-year abusive marriage is empowering others, improving lives, and increasing effectiveness and efficiency to increase profits and satisfaction both in personal and financial lives. Sharon’s enthusiasm inspires all those who have the opportunity to be near her.”
Women's Advocate
“Succeeding. Overcoming obstacles. Finding solutions. Offering help to others. Sharon is an inspiration. She lives life outside of the box.”
Business Advisor
“Sharon has developed the courage to step out and touch the hearts of a nation by combing sex and sizzle with a simple economic concept. Her transparency both motivates and encourages others to smile despite the obstacles.”
Financial Advisor