Learning WordPress on your own is similar to learning a new language.

Or compared to putting together a 3D puzzle, rebuilding an engine, and making a five course meal all at once.

 What is a Breadcrumb and a Widget? How do I get Sidebars on the pages to come out right? What Categories do I use? Are all my links linked? Why don’t my images link properly? How do you create an online shop?

Depending upon how complicated your website is and how anal you are on design, functionality, and flow you may find yourself a week later, still not quite done. Remember the joy is in the journey just as much as it is in the destination.

I found these three things the most helpful.

  1. Watching YouTube videos several times, before you begin and while you are doing the steps, will help you comprehend the task at hand. The YouTube videos I found the most helpful where done by this person: Click here for Screen Cast Library’s YouTube videos on learning WordPress.
  2. For learning basic HTML coding, I found www.w3schools.com was very insightful. Click here for www.w3schools.com.
  3. A good attitude was essential. Learning is all about finding the answers that you need.
Anytime I got stuck I would type into Google exactly what I was trying to do and follow the links. I am still needing help. My storefront needs finishing and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to have banner heading on my posts.

If you have a question, ask. I may or may not  know the answer. If not, I can help you find the answer  you are looking for.

May your new venture be an enjoyable one.

Sharon L. Nash