Are you okay with the fact not everyone will like you or desire to have interaction with you?

Even people that you think of fondly and are grateful for having known them may at times unfriend you.

As my son and I were doing before-you-move errands like reserving the U-Haul truck, taking items to consignment, etc. we made a pit stop at McDonald’s. As we walked in the door I noticed the man, who I will forever be grateful to for the role he played in my life, standing at the counter. I used the facilities while my son ordered. By the time I got to the counter he was seated with his two teenagers.

The choice to be made was: was I, the one moving away, going to go over and say hello and good-bye or allow one of the three of them to make the first move, knowing they all knew I was moving. I choose the later on the following merits: several weeks prior I messaged the two teenagers inviting them to get together with me before I moved — I received no reply, yesterday his daughter unfriended me on facebook, and in the past when I have shown kindness, my thoughtfulness had been ignored.

Feelings: My heart was saddened realizing here are people I deeply love yet they have no ability or desire to accept the free gift of my time.

Thoughts: Love people because you can, not because you have to. Know when to give and when to allow another the choice of having missed an opportunity.

Be true to the heart and soul of who you are — even when it hurts,

Sharon L. Nash