The real issue is UNDERNEATH the issue. When looking at productivity in the workplace, we may label someone as rude, or scattered, or unkept without taking into consideration that these are side-affects of crying all night; being stressed out relationally or financially.

Ever experience talking to an employee and even though they are looking at you, they are not hearing anything you are saying? Are the bill collectors words of losing their house or the spouse saying, “I want a divorce.” drowning out your voice?


Here are The Top Ten Culprits of Stolen Productivity:

Relationship Issues

Financial Issues

Poor Communication

Lack of Sleep

Low Self-Esteem

Lack of Focus

Poor Hygiene

No Passion

No Purpose

No Drive


The Top Two outranks them all. Resolving the first two issues will help correct the latter. Having available the self-help tools for your employees both relationally and financially will show you care not only about getting the job done but also about them.

Here are Two Solutions that can improve your bottom line. Have available for all employees Free To Spend. It is a simple empowering decision making tool that helps an employee see their paychecks and spending options proactively. It takes less than 45 minutes to learn. Plus an added benefit, the same concept works for their spouse and children. Secondly, have available and recommend reading the book Live The Life You Choose. We all know someone in a relationship that they should not be in. One in four women have been in an abusive relationship. Knowing someone who has been there, gotten out, and now thrives will teaching others what is healthy vs unhealthy relationally will give them hope that they can do it to.

Then the next step towards greater productivity is up to them.

If your relationship is a mess, your finances are a mess, and when your finances are a mess, quite frankly you don’t care about work — and it shows.

Sharon L. Nash

PROFESSIONAL Speaker, PUBLISHED Author, LIFE Coach and Consultant, FOUNDER of FreeToSpend

Live The Life You Choose!